If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s possible you hurt your wrist. It’s possible that you may not even know that you are hurt because some people don’t have severe pain right away. 

Wrist Injury from Car Accident What to Do if Youre Injured Blog Post

There are multiple wrist injuries that you could get from a car accident. Sometimes it can take months to find out if you have a hand or wrist injury. 

Some people don’t know they have a wrist injury from a car accident until they develop chronic problems later on. This post will tell you about ways to treat and protect yourself when recovering from wrist injuries.Table of contents

Signs and Symptoms of a Wrist Injury

When you’re driving and are in a car crash, having your hands on the steering wheel means your wrists can take the brunt of the force when your vehicle is hit. 

Your wrists, hands, fingers, and arms can also hit the inside of your car when your car gets hit. This can also cause wrist and hand injuries.

If your wrists hurt, they might have been injured and you should see a medical professional to have it evaluated right away. 

Be sure to document any pain and seek medical treatment right away so you can properly care for yourself if you have any of these issues after a auto accident. They could mean that you have a wrist injury:

  • Pain, swelling, tenderness that can make it difficult to move your wrist. 
  • Popping or bruising on the skin. 
  • Weakness or lack of mobility in your hands and wrists. 
  • Numbness or bruising on your wrists, hands, or fingers.

Be sure to continue to monitor your body, especially your wrists, hands, and elbows following your accident, in case any pain develops. 

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Common Types of Wrist Injuries Car Accident Can Cause

Things like a wrist sprain or broken wrist are common injuries after car crashes. Four of the most common types of hand or wrist injuries victims report after a car crash are:

  • Wrist fractures or broken bones
  • Wrist sprains come from your ligaments being twisted or completely torn, but not fully dislocating the bones. 
  • Dislocations happen when your wrist bones are forced out of their normal positions, but not broken
  • Muscle and tendon damage and tearing from the force of impact
  • Distal Radius Fracture
  • Carpal bones Fracture

All of these injuries require medical treatment. Be sure that your doctor knows you were in an accident so they can work with the insurance companies to ensure your treatment is covered properly.

Besides wrist pain, you may also experience an elbow injury from a car crash. While talking with your doctor, be sure to let them know all pain or symptoms you have following your accident so they can diagnose other injuries caused by car accidents (if any).

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What to Do if You Get a Wrist Injury

Once an ambulance gets to your car crash, let the professionals check you out. If something doesn’t hurt right away, that doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten injured. It’s important to have documentation in your medical record including all medical bills.

You need to immediately seek medical attention for any injuries, especially wrist and hand injuries. Left untreated, they could wind up causing more serious injury and harm. They can also result in permanent damage and long-term health issues. 

Your doctor will take x-rays and use MRIs to determine what injuries you got during your car crash. This will also help them determine how severe your injuries are and how to best treat them. 

When you suffer injuries following your motor vehicle collision, it’s important to find a law firm that focuses on motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. Your attorney can help ensure you’re compensated for any short- or long-term injuries sustained related to the accident. They’ll consider pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills when working to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Can Passengers Also Get Wrist Injuries?

The short answer is yes. Anyone in the vehicle could be injured. Depending on where you were hit, their injuries may be more severe than the drivers. Airbags can cause hand and wrist injuries. 

If passengers use their arms to brace themselves, this can also cause injuries to hands and wrists. Passengers should also seek medical attention after an accident. They may also be able to seek compensation for their injuries.

How to Treat a Wrist Injury from a Car Accident

It’s important to follow any directions you’ve gotten from medical professionals so that you can heal. They will consider your medical history, as well as your current hand or wrist injury. 

Take any medication as prescribed by your medical care professional. Use heat and ice as directed by your doctor. Doing this will help with the swelling and pain. They may suggest following the RICE method, which includes

  •  resting the injured wrist
  • icing the area
  • compression from a wrap or brace
  • elevating your wrist to help with swelling. 

Make sure you’re going to any follow-up appointments, as well as physical therapy or other appointments related to your injuries and treatment. These may need to be approved by the insurance company, but your attorney will assist with the coordination of your appointments and coverage to ensure you have time to focus on your healing.

Things to Do to Avoid a More Serious Injury

You’ll need to follow the advice and recommendations of your medical providers. Over-exerting yourself and not giving yourself enough time to rest and heal can make your injuries worse and lengthen your recovery time. 

Resting is one of the best things you can do to help your body heal. It is important to get enough sleep and let your wrist rest. You may be given restrictions on how you use your wrist, especially if it’s sprained or broken. 

Don’t overexert yourself and make it worse. While your wrist may feel like it’s healed, follow the prescribed restrictions your doctor has given you so it can fully heal. 

You don’t want to wind up hurting yourself worse by going back to work or using your injured wrist too soon. Your doctor will provide you with medical clearance when you’ve fully healed. That’s when you can start using your fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows normally again. 

When Should I Hire an Attorney to Help with My Injuries?

An attorney will help you navigate the healing and compensation processes. Sometimes injuries are quick to heal and may not require the assistance of a law firm. But there are also situations where recovery may be long-term or cause permanent damage. In those instances, a personal injury attorney will be helpful. Your attorney can help with things like:

  • Getting copies of your medical records
  • Collecting vital information like pictures and reports
  • Gathering witness statements
  • Helping file claims with insurance companies
  • Determining a fair settlement
  • Appearing on your behalf for negotiations and court appearances

How to Get Compensation for Your Wrist Injury

If you get hurt in a car accident, it is important to get medical treatment right away. You need to see a doctor if your wrist has been injured. After that, you can look for a law firm that can help you with getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

There’s no set amount on how much compensation will be appropriate for your injuries. Even if they’re not life threatening, they still may cause significant discomfort and personal injury attorneys can help get what you’re eligible for. Choosing an attorney that offers a free consultation and is familiar with cases like yours can be very helpful.

Denmon Pearlman car accident attorneys offer a no obligation & free legal consultation to accident victims, so call us today. We’ll walk you through what steps you need to take before you take legal action. We encourage you to ask questions about our process along the way and will work to help you get the compensation you deserve.