A car crash is a very scary experience. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional trauma of being involved in an accident, but often there are also physical injuries that need to be treated. T bone car accident injuries are extremely serious.

There are a variety of injuries you could get if you’re t-boned. All of these require medical attention, so give yourself time to assess your situation before leaving the scene of an accident. Table of contents

What is a T-Bone Accident?

T bone accidents can also be called broadside or side impact collisions. The name t bone came from the way the vehicles look after the crash. When the front of one vehicle hits the side of another, it makes a “T” shape. 

Many times, this type of accident is caused by a vehicle failing to yield the right of way and running red lights or stop signs, crashing into the side of another vehicle traveling through the intersection. 

Distracted driving is the most common reason for a side impact collisions. Drivers are distracted by things like: 

  • Texting and driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Taking your eyes off the road

Things to Know About T Bone Car Accident Injuries

t bone car accident injuries

Side impact collisions can cause severe injuries or even be fatal. Because of the impact, you’ll likely sustain some kind of serious injury from a t bone crash. Your body moves in ways that it wouldn’t normally, so, at the very least, you’ll probably have muscle soreness following your accident.

The speed of your car and how the cars crash can cause one of them to flip. This is very scary when you are in a flipped-over vehicle. If your car flips, you may be hurt worse than if your car just crashes.

T bone car accident injuries can also be caused by airbags. When the vehicles collide, the airbags can deploy and cause bruising or other more serious injuries. Airbags can even cause sprains or broken bones.

Seat belts can also cause injuries when you’re in a auto accident. By holding you in place, your seat belt can cause bruising or even broken ribs. Always wear your seat belt to help lessen the injuries you could get in a car accident. 

The things you have in your vehicle with you can also cause injuries to you and your passengers. When you’re in a crash, those cute stuffed animals you have in your back window or water bottles on the floor can become projectiles and be dangerous.

While everyone has different injuries, t bone accident victims often report: 

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Feet & knee injuries
  • Hip and leg injuries
  • Hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries
  • Injuries from seatbelts, airbags, broken glass, and items in your vehicle
  • Muscle and tendon sprains, tears, and strains
  • Cuts, scrapes, and lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Can Passengers be Injured in a T Bone Accident?

Both drivers and passengers can be injured when you’re in a side-impact crash. Injuries can vary depending on where the impact is and where everyone is seated in the vehicle. 

After car accidents, it is important to get help for everyone. Even if they look alright after the accident, they should be checked by a doctor. Injuries can happen days and weeks later and you want to make sure everyone is ok.

Just like the driver of the vehicle, passengers can be injured by airbags deploying or by banging around during the impact. Broken glass and things in your vehicle can also cause injuries to the passengers in your vehicle.

To help protect children who are passengers in the vehicle during an accident, they must be properly restrained in a child seat. While they may still be hurt, seat belts and car seats can help keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

How Do I Recover from My T- Bone Car Accident Injuries?

Getting medical treatment is the most important part of your recovery. Your doctors will come up with the best plan possible to help you get better. Let your doctor know about any medical conditions you have and any new concerns.

Follow the directions given to you by your doctors. You may need medications, physical therapy, or additional medical care to fully recover. Going to the appointments and taking medication as directed will help you feel better.

Resting is also an important part of your recovery. It might be hard to stay home not doing anything, but your body needs time to heal. Your doctor may even give you restrictions about what you can and can’t do while you’re recovering. 

Your attorney can help you be compensated for your time away from work while you’re recovering. Unfortunately, bills don’t stop coming in during your recovery.

It’s important to follow up with your doctor and follow your recovery plan to help avoid long-term effects from your injuries.  

Will My Insurance Cover Injuries from a T-Bone Car Accident?

Recovery is an important part of being in a t bone accident. The stress of how you’re going to pay for your injuries and replacing your vehicle can hinder your healing process. By hiring an attorney who specializes in personal injury and automobile accidents, they’ll worry about expenses for you so you can just focus on getting better. 

Your health insurance coverage may cover the costs for treatment of injuries from a car accident. Supplemental health policies may also provide coverage for injuries. In addition, your car insurance policy may also cover the costs of injuries from the accident. 

Who’s going to pay for what can be a very confusing and overwhelming process to navigate. You can attempt to figure this out on your own, but having an expert on your side can make the process much easier.

Should I Hire an Attorney After My T-Bone Collision?

When you have someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of this process, it can be such a relief. You want to hire an experienced attorney who can also increase the amount of compensation you receive.

Your lawyer will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve following your car accident. They’ll help you calculate your pain and suffering based on the information provided. 

A lawyer will help you:

  • Determine if your accident meets the criteria for a side impact crash
  • Collect evidence from the accident
  • Gather witness statements and police reports
  • Request copies of your medical records
  • File your personal injury claim before the filing deadline passes
  • Work with your insurance company to have your treatment covered

An attorney isn’t a requirement for your personal injury case, but it can make the process easier for you. They have the experience to be sure you’re not only compensated for your current pain and suffering but anything you may experience in the future as well. 

Reach out to a personal injury attorney that offers a free consultation that specializes in motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. This will allow you to ask questions about your t bone crash and medical bills.

Denmon Pearlman is a Florida-based law firm that offers a free, no-obligation legal consultation to t bone collision victims. We’ll walk you through what steps you need to take before you take legal action against the person responsible for your accident. We encourage you to ask questions about our process along the way and will work to help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule your free consultation with us today.


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