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broadside collision is an accident that happens when two vehicles collide head-on. This type of accident causes the most fatalities and serious injuries on our roads because it involves high speeds, and there are no safety features to protect passengers in a crash. So what can you do to keep safe? Keep reading to find out.Table of contents

What are Broadside Collisions?

Broadside collisions are different from your average car accident. This accident occurs when one motor vehicle slams into the side of the other. Generally, there is very little space between the vehicle and the person impacted. The only thing protecting a person who is hit is their door, one of the thinnest and weakest points on a vehicle. 

Broadside collisions happen at high speeds, leaving the individual with more severe injuries than other accidents. These accidents are notorious for ruining cars, and causing impactful damage, physically and mentally. 

These motor vehicle accidents can be catastrophic for everyone involved, especially victims. It’s not uncommon for these motor vehicle accidents to result in death. Often they put passengers at risk far more than the driver of the car. 

Anyone in the backseat could very quickly be left in critical condition. These accidents result from driver errors, but what mistake must be made for an accident like this to occur? 

Why Do They Happen?

A broadside collisions occur when the at fault driver does not yield to the right of way and instead crashes into the side of another vehicle. There are various reasons an accident like this occurs, but regardless of the reason, someone is always at fault. 

Vehicle drivers may be distracted; their brakes may give out while driving, driving under the influence, aggressive driving, or even falling asleep at the wheel. Everything from mechanical malfunctions to human error can cause an accident like this.

Most broadside collisions don’t just happen with cars; they commonly occur with motorcycles and bicycles. These crashes are far more deadly. Drivers should also take the size of the vehicles involved into account. A large truck may smash the windshield and top of a smaller car, causing even more damage to the person inside. 

Most Broadside Collisions Can be Prevented 

broadside accident

There are many ways to prevent a broadside collision. To avoid causing this type of collision, ensure your vehicle has adequate braking technologies and is not in disrepair. 

Ensure you do not drive drunk or when you’re drowsy, which will help you avoid causing a crash. Stay aware of your surroundings when you’re driving; this can help you avoid other drivers who are driving recklessly. Being able to anticipate the movements of others when you’re driving is the key to driving safely. 

Reaction time is an important factor in avoiding broadside or t-bone accidents. Recognizing impaired drivers or distracted driving can reduce the risk of broadside collisions.  

Avoiding Broadside Collisions From Others

Avoiding a broadside collision from someone else is much more complicated than avoiding causing one. Staying alert is vital to ensure you don’t become seriously injured by driver negligence.

 When driving, always keep an eye on side roads; if a car is approaching down a side road at high speed, prepare to react accordingly. A person doing this could have no intention of stopping, or be driving drunk. They could also be driving while tired, which could easily cause a potential accident. 

Pay attention to the way people drive. Is someone acting sporadic, or are they not slowing down as they approach an intersection? These can be clues that there is potential for an accident to happen. 

Broadside collision statistics 

 Twenty-five percent of all car crashes are head-on. Collisions at intersections are the most common for this type of automobile accident, when one vehicle will ignore right of way or have a technical error, resulting in serious injury. 

Statistically, a broadside collision most commonly occurs on a passenger-side unless someone runs a stop sign or a red light. If you have a passenger, they will more than likely be taking the brunt of the damage if a broadside collision like this were to occur to you.

How to Prevent a Broadside Collision from Happening to You

The first way to avoid accidents in your vehicle is to be attentive when driving. Motor vehicle accidents happen most often with a negligent driver present. Assuming you’re not distracted and are focusing on the potential actions of others and your driving, you will significantly minimize the potential for accidents. 

If you allow others to use your vehicle, make sure they are not driving under the influence and are not tired. You should also make sure they are insured under your insurance in case an accident occurs.

The Cost of a Broadside Collision Accident

Cost of a Broadside Collision Accident

Severe broadside collisions can lead to fatal injuries and serious property damage. An accident victim from head-on collisions could suffer broken bones, head injuries, and chronic pain. 

There are many different costs associated with broadside collisions, including medical costs. It’s uncommon to walk away from a broadside collision without medical attention. You could obtain serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries or a spinal cord injury. 

You’ll be facing the cost of a new vehicle, as cars don’t usually survive broadside motor vehicle accidents. 


The driver’s auto insurance company who is at fault has to pay up. So If you’re struck, the insurance of the person who hit you will have to pay for the damages and injuries. They will likely try to get out of paying what they owe you in damages. Insurance companies are in the business of keeping money. They want you and your accident to go away as fast as possible. 

The insurance process can be confusing, as it’s in the insurance company’s best interest to blame you. This is a great reason to have us represent you. Suppose the insurance company attempts to avoid paying up for the accident. In that case, we can help you get the money you deserve. You can obtain another vehicle and handle your medical expenses with the insurance payout. But losing your vehicle may not be the only cost of a broadside crash. 

Insurance companies will also try to get you to settle for far less than you should. Never sign anything with an insurance company until you’ve spoken to us first. With 400,000 motor vehicle accidents every year in Florida, insurance companies scammed thousands of people out of what they deserved so the insurance company could keep more money. 

They will try to get to you while you’re hurt and scared in the hospital before contacting us. Your best bet is to tell them you won’t decide until you’ve spoken to your car accident lawyer and call us immediately. Our free consultation services can tell you if you should take their deal or not, but usually, we can get you far more for the difficulties you’re going through. Don’t let them bully you into a much smaller settlement for their convenience. 

Physical and Mental Health

It’s not uncommon to be very seriously physically injured, but your mental and emotional state may suffer. Getting in a car may be difficult, driving might be frightening, and you may even have severe anxiety over traveling by car again. These fears are valid and difficult to overcome, especially while trying to overcome a personal injury from a car accident. 

Some people may need to seek counseling if they’re having difficulty continuing with their lives because of a broadside accident. There may also be legal repercussions we could assist with if you’re having difficulties with an auto insurance provider. 

The stress of being in an accident doesn’t go away when you get out of the hospital; it begins when the accident happens and continues until your life can comfortably resume. 

Avoiding Accidents for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists 

Traffic accidents are most easily avoided by paying attention, but motorcyclists and bicyclists are the most in danger of a broadside car accident if a car hits you while you’re on your motorcycle, the probability of severe injury or death skyrockets.

There is little between you and the car hitting you, so your only real line of defense is to avoid these kinds of car accidents altogether. Many motorcyclists and cyclists die every year from drivers not paying attention. 

Ensure you’re aware of distracted cars or people who have lost control of their vehicles to give you time to move out of their way.

If you’re riding on a motorcycle or a bicycle, you should always be aware of the cars around you. You’re smaller and more capable of weaving through traffic to avoid an accident if necessary, so you have to be alert enough to know when you’re in danger. 

How Can an Accident Attorney Help You?

At Denmon Pearlman, you can be sure you’re getting the best available legal team. We’re affordable, understanding, and bring those values with us to every single meeting. We have handled dozens of accident claims, bringing plenty of experience. We can help you make sure you get everything you deserve after going through such a traumatic experience.

Broadside Accident Injury Lawyer

We can help you in various ways after your accident, from making sure the insurance company pays up. We don’t tolerate them denying justified claims or their low settlements; we make it clear that you will get what you deserve. We know all the insurance companies’ tricks and how to beat them.

Broadside Accidents are No Joke

With over thirty-five thousand deaths a year from car accidents alone in the United States, broadside accidents are some of the most deadly. Even if you survive the accident, you will have a long road to recovery.

Victims of broadside or t-bone accidents usually have serious injuries. They often have to deal with the results of that accident for years to come. From the fear of being in a car again to the recovery from the injuries, the accident gave them. 

Pay attention to your surroundings, keep an eye on cars approaching intersections, and if you are hurt in a broadside accident, give us a call for a free consultation so that we can take care of you and your loved ones.