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Bicycle injuries are a common feature across the nation. Anyone involved in a bicycle accident and got injured following the direct actions of a negligent driver, a reckless cyclist, a pedestrian, or any other party are eligible to file a claim and seek damages.

According to the Florida bicycle law, bike riders are covered by the same rights as any other motor vehicle that uses the roadway. Unsurprisingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that a significant number of cyclists are unsure of riding on major roads for fear of their safety.

There’s a lot of reasons why someone would ride a bike on top of cycling, being a fun and helpful way to get active outdoors and improve your health. If your health and safety are ever compromised in any way because of a reckless or negligent driver, then our team of St Petersburg bicycle accident attorneys is here to defend your rights.


St. Petersburg is infamous among bicyclists sharing the road with other drivers in bicycle accidents. The law here insists that individuals who have been injured in a bike accident may be eligible to file a bike accident claim for personal injury and claim damages compensation resulting from the accidents. Suppose you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident and are sure a motorist hit you or caused you harm. In that case, you require the services of a bicycle accident lawyer to help you file for and receive the compensation that you deserve.

Bikes are a convenient and more eco-friendly method of moving around town compared to motor vehicles. However, bicyclists are also exposed to a greater risk for injury and death than other drivers and road users. If you ever get into a bike accident, it’s important for bicyclists and other entities involved to be aware of what legal options may be available. This helps them to seek compensation for injury from the insurance providers or the party decidedly at fault for the accident.


Most of the bike accidents in St Petersburg can be significant enough to cause personal injury or go as far as causing death. Most accidents happen due to the flagrant negligence of another driver, or in some cases, environmental factors such as poor road state and weather conditions. Expectedly, the overwhelming majority of bicycle fatalities happen due to motor vehicles and other related truck accidents. Because cyclists are exposed and have limited protection compared to car drivers, the result of a crash is likely catastrophic.


  • a car fails to yield the right of way at an intersection, turn, or merge
  • a crash occurs because a vehicle tries to overtake a cyclist
  • a motor vehicle loses control and ends up running into the bicyclist
  • a parked car door is suddenly opened and blocks the path of a bicyclist
  • a bicyclist travels on the wrong lane or way
  • both motor vehicle driver and bicyclist fail to yield the right of way
  • distracted driving like texting while driving/biking)
  • driving or cycling under the influence
  • over speeding
  • blatant disregard for traffic signs or stop at stoplights
  • motor vehicles driving in designated bike lanes

Although in most cases, motor vehicles are responsible for bicycle accidents, other factors can also play a part in causing the crash. You are liable to collect damages if;

  • You get injuries due to a poorly maintained roadway that affects the cyclist’s ability to drive.
  • You are injured by defective or damaged bicycle repairs
  • An animal attacks you and causes you to fall off the bike
  • You collide with another cyclist or a pedestrian
  • Medical malpractices of a healthcare provider prolong your injury
  • Debris on the road caused you to crash or run into another road user


What happens after the accident plays an integral part in your case. What you do will determine the outcome of your claim if you choose to file one. Important things to consider are;

  • Do not leave the scene until you have spoken to the police or the EMTs, even if you don’t think or feel that you are injured. Most victims don’t feel the pain or notice injuries until hours after the accident.
  • Do not try to negotiate or settle with the driver or the other party. It is common for drivers to agree to the blame only to recant later when the insurance company is involved. Wait for the police to document and call the case in.
  • Obtain contact details of any eyewitnesses nearby on how to reach or communicate to them.
  • Capture clear photographs of the scene, including your bike, the other vehicle, and any injuries sustained. Take caution not to escalate the situation further.
  • Contact a St Petersburg bicycle accident lawyer from our firm


After the accident has occurred, you should first ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe; this means the cyclist, the motor vehicle driver, and any pedestrians. If everyone is safe and moved from the way, contact the police and EMTs, do not attempt to leave the scene until they have arrived and taken your statement. You can then exchange contact information with the other involved parties and also the eyewitnesses. You can now contact an accident lawyer and explain your situation to them. Contact an attorney before you get your insurance provider.


In some cases, the accidents aren’t a direct fault of the motor vehicle driver. Some cyclists cause accidents either by intentionally ignoring traffic signals, riding on the wrong side of the road/ street, or otherwise showing negligent behaviors while on the road. If this is proven, they can be unable to pursue monetary compensation following the accident. The law provides for two instances of this decision.

Contributory negligence is when a cyclist has intentionally practiced negligent behaviors that directly contributed to the accident. The law here states that their actions partly contributed to the accident and the damages suffered. They are unable to get restitution.

Comparative negligence; both parties are at fault here. Some form of compensation is agreed upon between the parties; however, it is not the full amount. To determine where your case falls, consult a legal expert from our team.


Bike accident(s) resulting in serious injuries will still happen even after following all the necessary safety requirements when cycling. The conditions like wearing a bicycle helmet, having protective and reflective gear, having bright clothing, and adhering to traffic laws can, however, prevent significant damage to your body. It also helps to ensure that your bike is in top shape and everything is working perfectly. But doing so won’t always prevent the accident or injury following the accident, especially if someone else causes the accident. The resulting injuries from bicycle accidents often range from mild to severe, with the extreme injuries leading to permanent and lifelong injuries, disability, disfigurement, and in some cases, even death.

Some of the personal injuries include fractures, dislocations, internal injuries, dental injuries, spinal and brain injuries, death. The medical cost of bike crashes can be significant but necessary to prevent further harm. This cost leaves financial difficulty for injured bicyclists. Victims are entitled to file a claim or launch a lawsuit against the parties that caused the crash to find compensation for their suffering.


If you have been in a bicycle accident and got injured due to the actions and flagrant misdeeds of another driver, you can file a personal injury claim against the individual responsible. If you are a family member or the spouse of an individual who lost their life due to a bicycle accident, you are eligible for a wrongful death claim or a lawsuit for damages.

A Successful Bicycle Injury Claim Includes;

  • Definition of a duty of care to follow road rules
  • Evidence that this duty of care was violated
  • Proof of bike accident-related injury
  • Evidence that the injury (or injuries) was directly caused by the violation of the duty of care

One of our car accident attorneys will help you determine what your legal options are following the accident. The injury lawyer will help you file a winning accident claim and, if possible, obtain compensation for any damages.


In some cases, the injured cyclists may be found at fault if they were negligent and reckless at the time of the accident. Some causes may be failing to wear a helmet, riding on the wrong side, or failing to yield. This is termed partial negligence and does not waive the bicyclist’s ability to seek damages if the other individuals’ actions played a more significant part in causing the accident.

You can still file a claim and seek damages for any injuries and property destruction, even if you had a role to play in the accident. Our bike accident attorney will advise you on all the options you have.


Our personal injury attorney will help you prove that the defendant, usually the car driver, pedestrian, or another cyclist, had a reasonable duty to act safely and be mindful of bike riders.

An injury attorney from our team will help you prove that the defendant willingly breached that duty. Because of this, you suffered severe injuries. For bike accident cases, it may be enough for your injury attorney to prove that the defendant failed to obey a relevant and prominent traffic law and that their violation of the law caused your injuries.


After your bicycle crash attorney helps you make a claim against a liable party, they’ll help you collect possible damages:

Economic Damages

You are entitled to economic damages if you suffered economic losses following the accident. The financial benefit covers losses involving property damage (your bike), loss of wages following the bicycle accident injuries, cost of medical.

Non-Economic Damages

Experiencing a bicycle accident can be traumatizing. The aftermath of the accident could spell a reduction in quality of life and intense pain and suffering that may take a while to fade. With a great injury attorney, you can claim non-economic damages to make up for these issues.

Punitive Damages

When the defendant’s actions directly resulted in your injuries, and their actions can be referred to as an egregious offense, your attorney will advise that you seek punitive damages. If taken before a judge or jury, the defendant may be punished for intentionally DUI, ignoring speed limit laws, or other glaring misdeeds.


If you have suffered injuries or property damages due to a bike accident, you are eligible to file an accident claim if you wish to obtain compensation for any damages resulting from the accident. With an experienced bicycle accident attorney from our firm, you not only increase your chances of securing an impressive and worthy settlement. You are sure that the final resolution is what you deserve, and the law has run its entire course. You are not denied any compensation for accident-related damages.

The Tampa Bay Attorney will offer suggestions and advice on preparing a statement for the insurance company if you have one or an idea for the other involved party. Contacting our attorney is the first step to a successful settlement that covers the full extent of your legal provisions.


  • Determine eligibility for filing a personal injury or a wrongful death claim
  • Provide an estimate of how much your claim is worth
  • Thoroughly investigate the accident
  • Deliberate with other legal and medical experts involved
  • Gather and scrutinize evidence that supports your side of the case
  • Contact and arrange witnesses and their testimonies
  • Obtain an official accident report from the police
  • Handle and arrange communications with defendants, their legal representation, and insurance companies
  • Communicate clearly, openly, effectively with you and keep you in the loop throughout the case
  • Exhaust any and all legal options available
  • Fight and get the best possible statement for you


If you or a loved one have been injured while bicycling, call us. We offer a free bicycle accident consultation to help you decide if it’s in your best interest to file a bicycle accident claim to collect compensation for any damages resulting from the accident. We are experts in personal injury lawsuits and will use every resource at our disposal and those within our reach to ensure that you’re adequately compensated for your injuries.

As a bicyclist, the law protects you if you are traveling on public roads. If you were injured due to someone else’s intentional negligence or disregard of the laws, our team of qualified personal injury attorneys in St Petersburg can help defend your legal rights. For more information or to start a free bicycle accident injury case evaluation, bicycle accident victims can contact our offices today.

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  • Our team of bicycle crash lawyers understands that bicycle accident cases are not normal personal injury cases. The laws and insurance underwriters can be unforgiving and biased towards cyclists. With our combined decades of legal experience handling bicycle accident-specific cases, our attorneys are your best-case scenario.
  • By choosing one of our bicycle accident attorneys to represent you, you have in your corner an attorney that understands and is compassionate. We thoroughly investigate the accident and collaborate with involved parties to identify the cause of the accident and get you the best settlement.
  • We help you navigate the process from medical billing, insurance claiming, lawsuit filing, and legal representation in court. In every step of the way, we blend personal needs and what the law provides and communicate it to you effectively, clearly, and openly.
  • We take no chances when it comes to the law. Even if you are sure that you were responsible for the accident, our attorney will dissect the case and closely examine every piece of evidence and benchmark it with what the law provides. At the end of the day, getting you professional representation and a worthy (legal) settlement is what we aim for.

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