Losing a loved one is devastating, especially if they die in a tragic accident. Things get even more complicated if they die while on vacation. The necessary arrangements can become complicated, especially if the incident happened in a different country.

Here’s what you need to know and do if your loved one dies while on vacation.

Contact The Local Authorities

You need to contact the local authorities if the incident happened in another city or state in the United States. They will need to record the death and then investigate what happened. Because we are talking about an accident, there may be criminal investigations meant to hold the negligent party responsible.

You can also contact a local lawyer so they can help you look into what happened and file a lawsuit if another party is responsible, such as in the case of drowning accidents.

Contact The Embassy If The Loved One Died Abroad

The U.S. embassy in that country can make the necessary arrangements to get your loved one home. They can also help with funeral arrangements and documentation if you need them. The embassy will help make all the necessary arrangements with local authorities, arrange for how you can pay the necessary fees, and help with a local burial or returning the remains to the United States.

If You’re Planning to Cremate

Whether you plan to cremate or not, you will work with at least one funnel home to get your loved one home.

In case of a tragic car accident or similar devastating accident, it may be best to cremate. If you wish to cremate, you can have a local funeral home or crematory service do that for you so you can transport the cremated remains back home.

You can transport the cremated remains by car, air, or mail. There are few laws related to transporting cremated remains by land, so you may be able to do this to save costs if a loved one passed away in a nearby state or town.

If you wish to transport the remains by air, you need to make some arrangements. The TSA allows you to carry remains in carry-on and checked baggage. Do not use a heavy urn for this but use a plastic or wood container. Ensure the agents can see you are carrying cremated remains without opening the container.

You should also carry the birth certificate, transit, or burial certificate, and cremation certificate. Additionally, check with specific airlines to know their policies and rules surrounding transporting cremated remains.

The last option is using mail, and you can ship cremation remains using USPS priority mail express within the United States. Many mortuaries will handle this for you, and you will need to pay for their services and the shipping costs.

If You’re Planning a Burial

Transporting a body across different states is difficult, so let a funeral home handle it. The first funeral home will handle the embalming, storage, and preparation for transportation. They will also place the body in a casket and, in most cases, place dry ice in it to preserve the body.

You can then contact a receiving funeral home so that they contact the medical examiner and arrange for the body to be shipped.

The two main options for moving a deceased loved one are land or air. Most funeral homes can arrange for land transportation, which is usually the more cost-effective option. They also hire competent drivers to reduce the risk of car accidents and ensure your loved one gets to you OK.

Remember that different states have different laws and regulations regarding funeral licensing and remaining transportation. In most cases, the funeral home understands these rules and regulations and will handle everything for you at a fee.

Air is an excellent option if the distance is too far. Although it sounds macabre, some airline companies provide human remains cargo transportation services. A mortuary will have a contract with an airline for this service, and they are the ones who facilitate the transportation.

Once they have prepared the body by embalming and covering it with dry ice, the mortuary will use a special casket to hold the body. They will then make shipping declarations that allow the airline company to transport the body across state lines.

Losing a loved one while they are on vacation is tragic and devastating. You can make the necessary arrangements to get them home and to a local funeral home or mortuary to arrange for cremation or burial.

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