Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience that many riders want to share with others. However, being a pillion passenger can be dangerous because of the added weight and a higher risk of instability, especially if either party makes sudden movements. Additionally, there is the risk of getting struck by a vehicle, which can lead to severe injuries or fatalities.

Even though you can get our attorneys to help you seek compensation for damages following a motorcycle accident, it is always better to remain safe as a pillion passenger. We have compiled tips to ensure riders and their pillion passengers are safe and have fun rides.

Wear a Helmet and Safety Gear

Never ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet and proper safety gear. A helmet prevents head injuries and, therefore, helps prevent traumatic brain injuries in case of a motorcycle accident. You should select a helmet that meets the required safety standards and fits well. A good fit stops the head from rattling inside it, which can happen due to sudden changes in speed and direction in motorcycle accidents.

Pillion riders should also wear other safety gear, including pants, jackets, back protectors, and gloves. Ensure all your gear is made out of abrasive-resistant material, and you wear it securely and properly so it provides the protection you expect it to.

Establish a Communication Plan

Communication between the operator and the pillion passenger is crucial in keeping everyone safe. You should establish a communication plan before starting the ride to avoid confusion. Hand signals can work best if both parties expect them during the ride.

For example, the pillion passenger might want to ask their companion to slow down or that they need to take a break. The motorcycle operator might want to tell their pillion passenger to sit still as sudden movements can cause imbalances and make the motorcycle difficult to operate.

Be Visible, Especially at Night

Motorcycles are often less visible than vehicles at night. The main reason for this is their smaller footprint. Instead of risking getting into an accident by assuming vehicle drivers can see you, it is best to ensure they can and have no excuse for seeing you.

Choose motorcycle gear that has high-visibility and highly reflective strips. If you already have gear and do not want to shop for something costly again, you can get cheap high-visibility jackets. These go on top of your protective gear and ensure you are visible to other road users.

If you get into an accident while wearing such gear, you will be able to prove the driver was at fault. You can seek compensation with the help of a personal injury or motorcycle accident attorney in such a situation.

Remain Alert

Pillion passengers should always be alert to what is happening around them. They should anticipate the rider’s actions and be ready to react if something happens while riding.

While they are fun, motorcycles can be dangerous for pillion passengers. It is crucial they and the rider take safety precautions seriously and know how to protect themselves to avoid serious injuries. Even in cases where you take all precautions, accidents can still happen. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys at Denmon Pearlman Law can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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