The rideshare companies Lyft and Uber have revolutionized transportation in almost all US states, replacing traditional modes of travel, such as taxis. Ridesharing matches customers up with nearby drivers who will pick them up and take them to where they want to go. Customers can get a lift within a matter of minutes using these apps.

However, despite the considerable benefits of using the Lyft app, there are some things passengers need to be aware of before they book their first ride. One of the main things passengers need to consider is what would happen if they were involved in an accident while traveling in one of these vehicles. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Lyft accident settlements, including some of the factors that affect them:

How Common Are Lyft Accidents?

According to stat compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Lyft averages about 100 fatalities per year. In addition, thousands of people are injured while traveling in Lyft vehicles each year.

Who is Responsible for Compensating Lyft Accident Victims?

Anyone who is at fault for the accident that caused your injuries may be liable for the costs of medical treatment and other damages. This could include:

  • The driver who was working for Lyft.
  • The rideshare company.
  • The third-party driver, if you were a Lyft passenger.

What Factors Affect Lyft Accident Settlements?

Several factors affect how much you can get from a Lyft passenger accident settlement, including:

  • How severely you were injured – if you sustained a more serious injury, such as a head injury, you will be entitled to more compensation.
  • Whether your injuries will affect you long term.
  • Whether you have been able to return to work after the accident occurred.
  • Whether you have had to give up activities, you once enjoyed participating in.
  • Whether the accident caused an impairment that prevents you from leading a normal life.

As well as this, judges may also consider several other factors, including:

  • Your current and future medical needs.
  • The experience, reputation, and track record of your lawyer – attorneys known by insurance companies for being willing to go to trial can often settle cases much faster and for more money.
  • The coverage limits in the Lyft driver’s liability insurance policy.

How Much Can You Expect from a Lyft Accident Settlement?

The amount of money people receive can vary greatly; however, one of the critical factors in determining how much money you can get is the amount of liability insurance the at-fault Lyft driver has. Here are the different scenarios:

  • Lyft driver who is not transporting a passenger – the minimum liability the Lyft driver should have is $50,000 per person for death or bodily injury.
  • Lyft driver transporting a passenger – if you are a passenger of a Lyft vehicle when an accident occurs, you can expect to receive much more. Lyft drivers transporting passengers must have a combined single limit of $1,000,000.00. This amount is for both bodily injury and death.

It is essential to note that the amount of money you receive will depend on the severity of your injuries.

How Long Does a Lyft Accident Settlement Take?

Each Lyft driver accident settlement case is unique, so it’s impossible to give you an exact answer to this question. However, most cases take at least a few months to complete.

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