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Consider This Before Calling a Car Accident Attorney

Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

When researching car accident injury law firms consider:

Is a Lawyer or Case Manager Settling Your Claim?

Case managers are very important players in a personal injury firm.

But ultimately, an attorney should be handling the negotiations and settlement phase of your case.  It is the attorney who can leverage the threat of a lawsuit to make sure the insurance company adjuster pays every bit of money available. It is also the car accident attorney who has the reputation from his courtroom work to help increase case value.

Does the car accident law firm take cases to trial when needed?

I get it. Nobody wants to go to trial.

But it is trial and the threat of a trial that insurance companies take seriously in negotiations. If the insurance company knows your attorney will ultimately take the “last best offer”, they will never put fair and equitable money on a case.

It is a truism that even a car accident attorney who loses more than he wins at trial will still get higher offers than the attorney who settles everything.

So, find out the reputation of the firm. Do the lawyers settle cases in volume? Or do they take the right cases to trial and hold the feet of the insurance companies to the fire?

What is The Car Accident Lawyers Prior Case Record?

An attorney’s record matters. Not just the wins and losses. But how much the attorney settles his or her cases for on average. Also, make sure the attorney has handled cases similar to yours.  You do not want your injury attorney to be learning on the job!

For some of our results, check out:

A Partial List of Problems Caused By Car Wrecks

Clearwater Car Accident Attorney
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Car Repairs
  • Low-balling Insurance Companies
  • Total Loss Negotiations
  • Diminished Vehicle Value
  • PIP Insurance
  • Pain, Suffering, and Non-economic damages

Denmon Pearlman: How We Help

  1. Hunt All Insurance Coverages Available
  2. Open Claims With Insurance Companies
  3. Gather Photos, Video, and Property Damage Estimates
  4. Stop the Defendant From Destroying Evidence
  5. Background check the Defendant
  6. Perform Auto Accident Reconstruction
  7. Coordinate with Your Medical Providers
  8. Obtain Medical Records and Bills
  9. Draft Demands and Initiate Settlement
  10. File a Lawsuit
  11. Take Depositions and Gather Evidence (“Discovery”)
  12. Try the Case in Court!
  13. Reduce Medical Bills and Maximize Your Recovery

Beware the Settlement Mills

Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

Look: the legal system is broken.

Faceless insurance companies working hand in hand with personal injury settlement “factories” to settle cases for less than fair value.

The personal injury settlement mills are happy to churn and burn cases.  They happily take less per case because they settle cases in bulk.

This saves the insurance companies from millions if not billions of dollars in payouts per year.

You don’t deserve that. You deserve more.  A fair trade for your injuries and inconvenience.

Ask if your personal injury attorney takes cases all the way or simply accepts the “last best offer”.

Injury lawyers with a reputation for going to trial actually have a difficult time getting to trial because insurance companies know the lawyer is serious.

Why Denmon Pearlman Car Accident Attorneys

Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

Our personal injury trial lawyers:

  • Use technology to make the process of hiring an attorney and working your case easy.  We can get started right from your phone!
  • Leverage our previous trial experience to get you settlements that are better then the rest.
  • Keep you updated on your case.
  • Work with you to build your case.
  • Help make sure you get the best medical treatment possible.
  • We have helped clients all over Florida, including Tampa baySt. PetersburgNew Port Richey, Clearwater, CarrollwoodTrinity, and Pinellas park.


Clearwater Car Accident Attorney

Is it worth hiring a lawyer after a minor impact car accident?

It is usually worth it to hire a car accident attorney even if the impact to your vehicle looks relatively minor.

Injury Claims

First, remember that what you see on the outside is not the same as what you find on the inside of a vehicle. For example, it is not uncommon to take a bumper off a car and find evidence of structural damage such as a bent frame.

Second, your body is much more delicate than a vehicle. Vehicle damage is not the same as spinal system damage.  This is especially true if you are an older adult or if your previous injuries.  In these cases, you are even more disposed to injury.

We have had “minor impact” vehicle crashes that have resulted in mid to high six-figure verdicts and settlements.

Diminished Value Property Damage Claims

The very fact your new car has been in an accident reduces the vehicle’s resale value.  This is true even with the property damage is minimal. A car accident attorney who handles property damage claims can help you recover financial compensation for the lost value of your case even after the car has been repaired.

When can I just handle the claim myself?

Well you certainly can.

If you have a basic property damage claim and the insurance company treats you fairly, then you should handle it yourself.

Of course, you do want to make sure you aware of all your claims. Some people do not know that certain claims exist.

In most cases, it is better to have a professional handle the claim for you.


Because you are likely to get more with a car accident attorney.  Perhaps a lot more.

Studies show that the average insurance claim with an attorney settles for 400X the average claim handled without an attorney.

Studies show that the average insurance claim with an attorney settles for 400X the average claim handled without an attorney.

That means a claim that an insurance company might pay you $2500 to settle is the same claim a car accident attorney, on average may settle for $10,000.00.

And of course, the vast majority of car accident injury lawyers charge a contingency fee for their services.  That means (at least at our firm) that we take a percentage only after the case is settled. No win, no fee.

In the example above, you would take home (assuming a 33 1/3 contingency fee percentage) $6700.00. Substantially more than the $2500 you might get from insurance company.

And you don’t have to worry about handling the claim, putting together medical bills, drafting demands, and negotiating.  The attorney handles everything.

Who pays the car accident attorney?

Make sure to hire a personal injury car accident lawyer who charges a contingency fee.  That means the lawyer will take between 33 1/3 % and 40 % for the work they do from your settlement.

So with a contingency fee car accident lawyer, the insurance company is really paying for your attorney. 

Again, most car accident attorneys will spell out in their contracts that they will not take any fee if no money is recovered for you.

The insurance company just sent me a check. What should I do?

Don’t cash the check!  Seriously, check with your auto accident attorney first.

That’s because insurance companies will act like they are giving you free money.  But what they are really doing is trying to get you to waive all of your claims for pennies of what your claims are really worth.

Progressive is doing this all the time.  Cashing the check can be considered a settlement. And it can be hard to un-ring the bell!

My car is fixed, but my car won’t sell for the same. What can I do?

Talk to a car accident property damage attorney.  You may have a diminished value claim. This is a claim for the difference between what your care was worth if you sold it before the accident, and what it is worth today after being repaired.

With newer cars, this amount can be substantial.

We often retain a property damage expert to provide an expert opinion as to the diminished value of your case.

What injuries are commonly caused by car accidents?

Common injuries from Car Wrecks include:

Neck injuries: Neck injuries are common as a result of “whiplash”, where the neck bolts backwards and then forwards.

Lower Back and Spine Injuries:  Lower back injuries are common in Clearwater car wrecks as the body jolts forward and backwards.  Lower spine injuries are common in rear end, head-on, and T-bone collisions.

Head trauma:  Sadly, auto collisions are a leading cause of brain injury.  Causes include a head hitting a steering wheel or airbag impact. There are even scenarios where a whiplash movement can cause head injury even without the head striking an object.

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