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Being involved in an auto accident is scary. It is especially worrisome if you were the passenger in a taxi cab or rideshare and your professional driver caused an accident. 

Taxi companies and professional drivers have an obligation to transport you safely in their vehicles. Failure to do so, especially due to their own negligence or wrongdoing, means they are liable for any damages you may have suffered.

Below, we will go into detail about a taxi driver and rideshare liability and what you should do if you are involved in an accident. If you are an accident victim injured as a taxi passenger or by a taxi cab driver, contact a Florida taxi accident lawyer as soon as possible.

How to Establish Liability in a Taxi or Rideshare Auto Accident

Establishing liability in the case of a taxi cab accident requires four main components. A Florida taxi accident lawyer can help you understand these steps and prove them in your case.

Established Duty of Care

Duty of care simply means that the taxi or rideshare driver has a responsibility to drive safely to avoid an accident. As a professional driver, this is fairly obvious and easy to prove.

Failure to Exercise Care

The driver’s duty includes an expected level of ability and care needed to perform the job safely. Failure to do so can result in accidents and injury. Examples of failure to exercise care include:

  • Not obeying traffic laws
    • Speed limits
    • Signaling
    • Following road signs
  • A poorly maintained vehicle
  • Inadequate safety measures

You must prove that the driver did not act in a way that a reasonable cab driver would, which resulted in losses.


Often, a failure on behalf of a cab driver is due to negligence. In other words, the driver did not intentionally cause an accident, but they were negligent in their duty to operate the vehicle safely, which led to an accident. You must prove the at-fault party was negligent in their driving or otherwise neglected their contractual responsibilities.


Lastly, you must be able to prove the financial losses or damages you are seeking financial compensation for. If you were in a taxicab involved in an accident but suffered no injury or property loss, you do not have a case since there is nothing to recover. 

Florida Regulations for Taxi Cabs

Taxicab drivers in Florida are required to have a class E license. Taxicab companies are also required to hold higher minimum insurance and personal injury protection in some counties in the event of an accident. Insurance requirements vary from county to county. Some rideshare workers are independent contractors operating private vehicles and may not be subject to the same requirements for liability insurance and coverage per accident. 

What Is My Florida Taxicab Accident Case Worth?

The value of such an accident can vary dramatically depending on the conditions and severity of the case. A few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, is not out of the question. The more property damage or personal injury was sustained, the more the case will be worth. 

Types of Damages Available to Florida Taxicab Injury Victims

Damages in the event of a Florida taxicab accident can be both economic, non-economic, and possibly even punitive. 

Economic damages are those with an easy-to-determine financial amount. Examples include:

Non-economic damages are those without a direct monetary value that may be more difficult to quantify. Examples include:

Punitive damages can be awarded in extreme cases where a taxi or rideshare driver caused excessive or egregious harm. For example, if a taxi hits a bicyclist in the bike lane. These additional penalties are generally at the judge’s discretion and are meant as added punishment for the liable party.

Causes of Most Taxi Accidents in Florida

taxicab accident

The causes of taxi accidents are often the same as normal car accidents. Common examples include:

However, since taxicab and rideshare drivers often hurry to complete trips and earn more money, they may drive more aggressively than your everyday driver. Professional drivers also tend to spend more time behind the wheel, which presents more opportunities for accidents and can lead to fatigue from long hours or overwork, increasing the likelihood of taxi accident injuries. 

How to Prove Negligence After a Taxi Accident in Florida

After being involved in an accident, it is important to document as much as possible about the event. Take pictures of the damage to vehicles or bodily injuries sustained, collect information about the drivers involved, and keep any records of the event (taxi receipt, police report, medical records, etc.). 

It is also a good idea to write down a statement soon after the event when the details are fresh in your mind. Was your driver speeding? Was the weather poor? Where and how did the accident occur? At your earliest convenience, contact an attorney to help you understand your rights and how to proceed with your case.

Statute of Limitations After a Taxi Accident in Florida

Car accidents and personal injury cases have a four-year statute of limitations. In the case of wrongful death, the statute of limitations is only two years. It is usually a good idea to not delay by contacting an attorney and taking legal action right away. Collecting evidence and tracking down other parties is more difficult the longer you wait. 

Contact a Florida Taxi Accident Attorney for a Free Case Review

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If you were in an accident involving a taxi or rideshare vehicle, like Uber or Lyft, either as a passenger, pedestrian, or other driver, contact our personal injury attorneys for a free initial consultation. Our personal injury lawyers will explain your rights and the strength of your case, as well as help you proceed if you decide to pursue your taxi accident claim. 

Our Florida taxi accident lawyers have won cases as high as one million dollars and will fight to get you maximum compensation. Don’t delay or accept a low settlement offer! 

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