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When you or a family member suffers from a hospital slip and fall and experience injuries, how do you know if there is a reason to speak to a lawyer and potentially file a lawsuit?

Discover why attorneys recognize that hospital slip and fall cases are often valid claims. Learn why hospitals are not exempt from claims in a slip and fall incident in Florida and how they possibly become liable in event of patient injury or injury to guests.

This lady had a slip and fall inside of the hospital

Get answers to questions, including questions about how an attorney evaluates whether or not there is a claim when a person experiences injuries while at a hospital.

The success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case, therefore, we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients.
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Expectations From Hospitals

Attorneys sometimes become angry upon hearing about a slip and fall situation that occurred at a Florida hospital. Why? They realize the responsibilities that hospitals have to keep patients and others safe.

Attorneys and the public expect a certain level of care and protection from hospital personnel from the moment they start caring for a patient.

Hospital staff and administrators have specific protocols and safety rules that they are supposed to follow at all times, throughout the hospital, including patient rooms, labs, dining areas, corridors, and other areas.

Who Is Liable For A Hospital Slip And Fall Accident

When hospital employees violate those protocols and safety standards and someone gets injured in a hospital slip and fall accident, the hospital becomes potentially liable for injuries experienced as a result.

This is true whether the injured individual is a patient or individual visiting a patient.

There are recent cases where individuals visiting a patient received large judgments after consulting an attorney and filing a claim against the Florida hospital where a slip and fall injury occurred due to the negligence of the hospital.

Big Business Hospitals Are Not Exempt From Slip And Fall Claims

When an injured individual contacts an attorney specializing in hospital slip and fall claims, the attorney knows that hospitals are big business, with many hospitals falling under large umbrella corporation ownership.

They know the responsibilities that hospitals have to protect patients and visitors and the possibility of the hospital having to pay injured parties that experience a slip and fall accident at their hospital.

Patients are not always able to care for themselves and sometimes need special precautions such as help going to the bathroom, assistance with showering or walking. Some patients with conditions such as dementia need extra precautions.

When patients receive injuries because they slip and fall, the big business hospitals know they likely failed in providing required safety mechanisms that are supposed to keep patients safe. It does not matter whether the failed protocols involve safety bars not put in place, the call button not being where the patient can reach it, or staff not responding quickly enough when a patient needs assistance.

Hospital Slip And Fall Accidents Involving Medications

Another aspect of these types of cases involves medications.

When a doctor fails to note side effects of medications that warrant extra safety precautions, this is potential negligence because no one assisted the patient experiencing side effects that then slips and falls due to dizziness, balance issues or other medication side effects.

Patient Rooms And Other Areas

How Do I Know if I Have a Valid Hospital Slip and Fall Claim in Florida?
When people visit loved ones in the hospital, they should not experience injuries because of water or objects on the floor or because of other safety issues that put them at risk.

Poor lighting in patient rooms or other areas also possibly contribute to slip and fall cases.

Contact An Attorney Specializing In Hospital Slip And Fall Cases

When you contact a hospital slip and fall attorney, they know how to take on big business hospitals.

If the hospital violated safety rules and procedures, discuss these issues with the attorney. There is probably a good chance that there is a valid slip and fall claim.

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