Jogging consistently is good for your health as it improves your cardiovascular system, keeps your weight down, is an excellent outlet for stress, and has numerous other benefits. Jogging also comes with some risks, especially if you jog near traffic. Because of the far-reaching consequences of runner-vehicle accidents, joggers should know how to keep themselves safe when running on the road or near traffic.

Be a Defensive Runner

Being a defensive runner entails knowing that the road is dangerous, assuming that drivers will make mistakes, and being alert to danger so you can see it coming. One crucial aspect of being a defensive runner is running against and not with traffic. Doing this will ensure drivers can see you ahead of them and thus act accordingly. Being prepared to move over for vehicles is also important because you never know if the driver approaching you is distracted. If they are and they hit you, you should get a car accident lawyer to start the process of getting compensated.

Second, be visible. Depending on where and when you are running, a driver might not be able to see you. White, fluorescent orange, yellow, and neon are excellent for running in low visibility conditions because they ensure drivers can see you easily. Consider a lightweight reflective vest for additional visibility if the weather is not too hot.

Leave Your Headphones at Home

It is very common for people to wear headphones if they are heading to the gym. Doing the same if you are jogging on the road can be dangerous. If the music or whatever you are listening to is too loud, you might not hear what is happening around you, increasing the risk of being hit by a vehicle. Some headphones also block out most noise even if not turned on, so it is best to ditch them.

If you must listen to something while jogging, use your earphones or headphones in transparency mode. Earphones will allow you to only leave one in, and headphones with transparency mode will allow some of the surrounding sounds through.

Be Aware of Parking Lots and Side Streets

Drivers leaving a parking lot or a side street do not typically have the best visibility, so they might not see you as they leave or try to merge onto a main road. Be aware of where the parking lots and side streets are in your area so you are always aware that a car could emerge from either at any time. You should also be aware of them if you prefer walking to jogging to avoid pedestrian accidents. If you run in an area with many bars, be hyper-aware of impaired drivers.

Car accidents involving joggers are devastating because of the direct contact between the jogger and the runner. While the tips above will make you more aware and safer, such accidents can still happen. If they do, you can hold the other party responsible by filing for damages. You will need the services of experienced personal injury attorneys to seek full compensation, and our attorneys at Denmon Pearlman Law can help. You can visit our offices at the following locations:

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