When you file legal action related to a golf cart accident, there are certain things to keep in mind. Your attorney will hold your hand throughout the process, but it is still useful to understand the basic steps that will be taken. Lawsuits are emotional things that demand time and precious energy resources, so the better prepared you are the easier it will be. These cases are sometimes difficult to litigate because there are so many potential factors to consider about where the blame lies. So if you or your loved one is a victim of this type of incident, read on to find out the options.

How Long Has Passed Since the Accident?

The key to filing a claim after any golf cart-related accident is knowing when the Statute of Limitations expires. It is imperative to take action within this timeframe, otherwise, you risk the case being thrown out even if there is just cause to pursue it.

Looking At The Golf Cart

The most obvious place to start the investigation is by looking at the asset involved in the incident, aka the golf cart. These have to be vetted for manufacturing or design defects, and often if something is found in this area, it has to be addressed accordingly. The golf cart will also be checked for any modifications and upgrades the owner has carried out since the initial purchase. If you or the other party have upgraded the tires, for example, but they aren’t the best fit for the model of the cart, this is a fault risk and will be flagged. There are other factors too like the maintenance history and age vs. general condition that all count during the litigation process.

The Golf Cart Owner

The golf cart owner and the person driving may not always be exactly the same person. They may rent the cart out or let their close circle borrow it for a round of golf. However, if it is shown that an owner has done this irresponsibly or behaved in a less than reputable fashion regarding their cart, they will be liable.

The Driver Considerations

The second question will focus on who was operating the cart when the incident took place. Was there alcohol involved, for instance? Or were they not complying with proper usage protocols? All of these factors are relevant and will be looked into while the case is being made. There may be a case for Loss of Consortium too if it is found that someone has recklessly endangered a loved one’s life through poor or negligent driving.

Investigation of Any Passengers

There will also be a discussion about who else was present at the scene of the accident. If the passengers were under the influence of either alcohol or drugs they could have played a significant part in causing the damages being investigated. An attorney and claims adjuster will want to know all of the facts so don’t hold back any information that could be helpful. If they in some way contributed to the incident, they could be liable for charges or compensation costs too.

Observing the Medical Consequences

Usually, aside from damages to the vehicle, the most common cause for litigation is because an injury (or death) was sustained at the time of the incident. Settlement amounts are always based on the amount of suffering a victim can demonstrate, so it is useful for your case to present as much medical evidence as you feel comfortable with.

Take Action Now

Don’t waste any time getting the ball rolling if you have suffered in a golf cart accident. Every second is precious time that may be wasted the longer you take to start the investigations. Expert legal representation will ensure that your case progresses and that every single person to blame is brought forward to take responsibility. Compensation is definitely one route and will be useful for financially supporting a victim in the face of lost wages as a result of the injuries, medical bills, and any emotional therapy that needs to take place after the dust settles.

Golf cart accident litigation is a complex process because of all the moving parts. Filing a lawsuit will bring resolution, but it will be a long journey to figure out who exactly is to blame and by how much.

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