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What is a demand package and what should you expect next?

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You’re probably one of our clients. We’re probably chatting on the phone or in person and we’re mentioning demand letter, demand package, and you’re probably wondering, “Well, what the heck exactly is that?”

So, I want to take a few minutes and show you.

An Actual Demand Package

So, what I’m showing you right now is an actual demand letter. It’s one we sent out today. It’s for a client of ours.

The date is January 29, 2019, and you can see that I redacted a bunch of information because it’s our client. But it gives you a good visual of what to expect.

Cover Letter To The Insurance Company

And the demand letter, it’s going to be the cover letter on your demand package.

It’s a cover letter to the insurance company and it’s a cover letter where we’re going to the insurance company and we’re letting them know that we’re ready to start your claim.

The success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case, therefore, we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients.

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We Need To Tell Your Story

And while we’re doing that, we need to tell your story, right? So that’s what this is here.

This is a story of our client, of her accident, what happened, and her injuries and medical.

And in her case what happened as a result of the accident. What was taken from her as a result of the accident? And in some cases, we’re going to want to tell your story before the accident.

In some cases, we’re going to tell your story if there are lost wages, we’re going to want to talk about that. But that’s the gist of it.

Why The Insurance Company Needs To Pay You

We want to tell your story to the insurance company, so they understand who you are, where you were, what happened and how you are now, and why the insurance company needs to pony up and pay you for what happened.

You can see this is kind of long in this particular case. And it usually is with the letter.

Signing documents involving legal matters

Cover Letter For Supporting Documentation

What you can think of with this demand letter is you can think of it as the cover letter for all of the supporting documentation in your demand package that tells your story, right?

And so, for example, that can be medical records. That’s usually a pretty big part of a demand package. It can be lost wage records. It can be diagnostic medical records such as MRIs, X-rays. It can be the supporting images of the MRIs or the X-rays.

But it can also be things related to the accident itself such as pictures, property damage estimates, 911 audio, police bodycam video if that’s available in certain cases, video of the scene. A lot of times we’re getting video of the scene of the actual accident. It can be video at your treatment provider. Sometimes with certain invasive procedures, a surgeon may videotape it. And so, we have that information as well.

If there are pictures of you and your injury or any of the treatment, you’ll probably have supplemented that with us and so we may turn that over too.

But you can just think of it as everything that we need to give to tell your story the best way we possibly can.

Formal Pre-Suit Offer For Settlement

And so, to sum it all up, the demand letter is our formal pre-suit offer for settlement, for telling your story.

We supplement whenever we can. We give a timeline for the insurance company to respond. It’s usually 30 days, but sometimes we can move it up for good reason. And it’s kicking off negotiations.

So as soon as the letter’s out before those 30 days are up, you’re going to be hearing from your injury attorney and we’re going to be chatting with you and letting you know exactly what to expect from here going forward.

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